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My name is Brendon Brown. I am a graphic designer, web developer and WordPress theme craftsman in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I have been fascinated by design ever since I first learned how to wrap my hand around a crayon. When my father purchased his cutting edge IBM 386 in the ‘90s, I discovered both a passion for technology and an outlet for my creativity. Since then, I have logged what is possibly over a thousand hours using Adobe design software, tinkered with the insides of dozens of computers, and designed hundreds of posters, magazines, publications, fliers and web sites for family, neighbours, businesses, non-profits, corporations and even cities. I have been involved full-time in freelance front-end web design and content creation and management since 2010. I design intricate interfaces and sites in Photoshop, hand-code clean, semantic HTML & CSS to bring them to life on-screen, and then I add creative new SEO-friendly copy and rich media on a regular basis to ensure a positive user experience and site relevance to search engines. I’m not limited, however, to online materials. I do great branding, printed materials, and I’m full of marketing ideas, and even do amateur photography and videography. Park Bench Media is a small design team offering audience-aware, pixel-perfect design. Park Bench Media stands for integrity, communication and web standards. Our business should be like a friendly walk in the park.

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