Get this Redesign Done

OK. I’m making it public – I’m going to have a redesign done by the end of next week. That’s it. One week. January 18th.

I’m going to be designing this live, so pardon some ugliness that may be revealed to you along the way. Why would I do this? First of all, I could make a local copy, but then I need to set up MAMP. I could make a temporary subdomain, but this requires time (setup site, template files, databases).

My current site template is very temporary, so I can’t really do it any worse. See you in a week!

HandBrakeBatch – Free Batch Video Conversion on OSX

I use Handbrake for all my video conversion needs. It will handle anything I can throw at it and spit it out in a device-friendly format with as much simplicity or specificity as I desire, for the unbeatable price of free. My outstanding feature request has been that the Handbrake crew allow me to queue up a folderful of old .avi files with one click, choose a profile and hit go. Not coming soon, I’ve gathered.

To my utmost delight, I discovered today among a nice little home-brewed collection of OSX apps on, run by Cesare Tagliaferri, an oso-quick and simple batch manager for Handbrake. Just open the app, choose files, choose profile, choose post-processing option, and go.

You can find the app, additional details, and charityware information here:

HandBrakeBatch main windowHandBrake PresetsHandBrakeBatch Progress HandBrakeBatch Alert